Whiskey and rum and cannabis for the night

The two of us went to University and developed an awful idea about Stoners.

The two of us knew there were lots of students correctly blowing off cross so they can hang out as well as be stoned or drunk all day.

I was easily above Cutting Loose as well as did not think that drinking or smoking was the way I wanted to spend my college Years. The two of us focused continuously on our studies as well as many years later we all slowed down to a place where we are on questionably loving the marijuana benefits. All said as well as done, the two of us are extremely happy that the two of us did not smoke a lot of weed in the past. We would not have been able to graduate quickly. Now that the two of us are working in the real world, the two of us have freedom as well as time to love life as well as slow down. This means we can use recreational Cannabis sometimes. The two of us do not regularly smoke and the two of us do not regularly drinks alcohol. There are some times throughout the month when the two of us will have whiskey as well as room as well as cannabis. It absolutely allows the two of us to relax. After spending all day at the office, the two of us prefer to hit some OG Kush dried marijuana flower. We can sit for a couple of hours and load up a single bong.
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