There’s one dispensary with a good return policy

Trying out new medications can be aggravating, especially if a single person doesn’t toil and the copay is ridiculous.

  • I wish I could take the medicine and return it to the pharmacy if it doesn’t do its intended purpose, but there’s no recourse in this kind of situation.

You have to bite the bullet and swallow the cost while shelling out more money for a weird medication. This is how it has typically been in this country, unless the pharmacy injures the drugs in some way or another. For instance, if you get your medications delivered to your front door and the driver instead puts them in your mailbox without telling you, the drugs could get injured after a few minutes in the warm summer time sun. My mother had her pharmacy bring her new meds when this happened once a few years ago. Short of those extraneous situations, you wouldn’t normally think entitled to return medications to a drug store even if they don’t “work” for you. Yet, a single medical marijuana store’s return policy has driven this mindset into its clients. It’s fantastic that you can return a cannabis product and exchange it for something of equal or lesser value without any strings connected. However, there are a lot of people who abuse this system. They’ll take back a jar of cannabis flower buds just because the buds aren’t as dense as a previous batch. I understand getting moldy weed and wanting to return it, but some people expect every single batch of marijuana to be simply perfect. You wouldn’t be allowed to return other medications in this manner if you undoubtedly wanted to treat the plant like a medicine in all retail situations.

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