The contest winners were announced at night

In the rage to have competitions as well as contests, some art forms have been misused.

Cooking shows are easily one example. There is a serious art for delicious food as well as the results can be absolutely subjective. One judge may find the dish too salty, while another person thinks that it is just right. That means it is subjective and difficult to have this type of contest judged on a single food plate. It’s hard to believe that one single dish, painting, or movie can be better than another as a work of art. The two of us recently went to judge a contest on cannabis. The two of us really disagree with the concept but it was free and we had an invitation. The two of us weren’t about to turn down free cannabis. Money is narrow on these afternoons as well as cannabis is something I rarely afford to buy. These nice cannabis strains are also far more than I would be able to spend money on. The two of us didn’t know how we would judge as well as score each one of the cannabis strains. The two of us worked hard to Pace our self. There were many weird Blends as well as strains of Indica as well as sativa. They all Blended together into a massive juicy brick of marijuana as well as it was incredibly difficult to tell which one was better than the other. The two of us remember very little about the competition, because we smoked a lot of different cannabis strains.

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