The advertising company told me to change the packaging

Sales at the cannabis shop have been low lately and our house products aren’t selling very well.

  • We have a 25,000 square foot indoor cannabis grow operation.

We grow seventeen different strains indoors and we use those strains to create dried flower products as well as shatter, live resin, and cannabis edibles. When we first started the business, sales on all products were through the roof. They tapered out over time, as expected, but the house brands still aren’t doing very well. I spoke with a marketing and research firm that specializes in cannabis trends. The marketing company sent a strategist to the store to evaluate our products, packaging, and sales set up. The marketing consultant had a ton of ideas to help sell our house products. One of the biggest suggestions was to change the packaging. The marketing expert did not believe we were utilizing the right kind of packaging for our product. She recommended a see through container instead of blue glass and she also suggested a box that had a clear view of the product inside. We were using black and red colors for the packaging on all of our flower products and the consultant suggested lighter colors that are strain specific. She felt that a color coded box system might help shoppers identify the products they want more quickly. I have to be honest. It was pricey to hire a marketing expert, but she had a lot of great ideas. Since consulting with the expert on marketing, sales have increased 10%. Overall, the new packaging is simply more attractive.


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