My fiance coughs when I smoke weed near her

My fiance has awful symptoms that are just like the flu. Unfortunately they are not actually seasonal and absolutely exist throughout the year. This is a difficult problem for my partner, and it seems that things are getting worse as she is aging. The two of us are supportive as well as helpful, but there aren’t a lot of things that the two of us can do to help something love that. The two of us go together to all medical appointments. The two of us do not have to worry about going to the doctor. The two of us don’t regularly use cannabis inside of the house. This can be actually quite difficult when it comes to summer months. The two of us use a lot of cannabis products. It is terrible to be a single that cannot smoke marijuana in his home. The two of us have many options and many weird smokeless capabilities. The two of us have used Edibles as well as a vape pen. Nothing seems to hit the same as a bong rip. This is 100% or more true when thinking of marijuana. The two of us don’t want rolling papers or a blunt. But we want to smoke the high-quality cannabis from a bong as well as a pipe. Even though it isn’t very convenient to smoke outdoors, I don’t mind making the sacrifice so my fiance doesn’t have to complain about the smoke and the odor from the cannabis. Both of those things absolutely make her allergies even worse.

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