My family has a sordid past with cannabis and whiskey

The two of us always spent time with the old person as well as naturally felt like we wanted to be exactly like that person.

My pops was absolutely encouraging to all of us as well as he was proud of all of us in our way.

The distillation of moonshine has been a family secret since the days of prohibition. We have been growing marijuana as well. The two of us found that the two of us enjoyed making all of these products. Cannabis was easily one of our passions. The two of us got into making whiskey as well as decided to grow cannabis as well. It is impossible to rush a nice whiskey the same as it is impossible to rush a nice cannabis plant. Time is something that we have to think about. While all of the pots are cooking, the two of us have lots of time to tend directly to our marijuana crop. It keeps the two of us very busy as well as generates a substitute stream of money. Cannabis as well as moonshine are absolutely fancy commodities. The two of us have lots of crimes as well as feel that it is illegal to still be raided means they find all of the Cannabis as well as the Moonshine. If cops will find our place, then we have to run as well as never look back. You can’t return to the scene of the crime after someone has found your illegal stash. You have to be prepared to start over.


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