I want my indicas to feel sedating to me

I have been struggling with insomnia since high school and university.

Even though I have constantly consumed lots of caffeine over the years, I have still struggled with sleep during days or weeks at a time when I had none in my system.

Since I also struggle with dust sensitivity problems, it was natural to start taking diphenhydramine with its calming and sedating effects. It worked for a long time, however the medicine also had side effects by the following morning after each dose. That would cause me to drink more caffeine at university as well as thus worsen my initial insomnia issue in the whole process. It became a vicious cycle that I ended before heading to university. But now that I’ve been in a career for a few years straight, my insomnia is getting bad again. Instead of using benadryl as well as similar drugs, I made the choice to start using cannabis again. It was a part of my life in university but I fell out of using the plant while I was at my former task. My employers were adamant about downside drug tests so I had to supply it up for a few years. Now that I’m coming back to the world of using cannabis yearly again, I’m finding that all indica strains aren’t equally sedating. I guess I believed the misnomer that all indicas are necessarily body-high inducing sedatives, however this is not the case. I have smoked a lot of indicas that make my brain hyper as well as do anything, however calm me down as well as help me get to sleep at night. Blueberry is an attractive indica leaning hybrid, however it doesn’t make me tired like Alien Rift does by contrast.

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