I learned medical cannabis is better than certain prescriptions

If I didn’t truly hear what he had said, I would not have been utilizing medical marijuana

For anybody who has never experienced a kidney stone, let me tell you from experience that you do not want this type of thing. At one point in time, I told my fiance I had the desire to go back plus go through all my childbirths again instead of having the immense pain from the kidney stone. As I waited to be seen in the emergency room, I impatiently paced the waiting room. After what felt something like a year, the health professional brought me into the triage room, and he began asking me about the medications I use plus if I used any illegal substances? I told this guy that I used medical marijuana. He totally stopped what he was writing plus turned to stare at me. He quietly applauded myself and others plus told me he was proud to hear that. He was surprised how many people my age were using drugs under the guise of prescriptions, when I could be using natural drugs such as marijuana to assist with many of my severe ailments. The health professional said he wished more people had the courage to go plus get a medical marijuana card as I had. At that point, I was in so much pain that I didn’t genuinely care what the health professional was saying, but it wasn’t until a week or so later, that I actually set back plus heard the words he was saying to me. For a health professional to tell me that using marijuana was healthier than taking some prescriptions, took me by surprise. If I didn’t truly hear what he had said, I would not have been utilizing medical marijuana. Hearing a healthcare professional tell me that, made it seem way better than what I was thinking it was. I was no longer using an illegal drug legally, however using a medication that was helping.

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