I forgot the free pre roll as well as the lady went crazy

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago as well as it has not been actually simple… Since the start, it has been hard to get along with our co-workers! They seem appreciate a actually tight group of people as well as I have not made any friends yet.

The customers at the cannabis shop can be actually grumpy as well as mean… I was hired to toil as a delivery driver.

I had to toil inside of the cannabis shop for a couple of weeks before I started driving. I thought it was going to be easier to toil as a driver, especially after the awful experiences I endured at the counter, however unfortunately, things weren’t that better once I started driving! One time I forgot to bring a purchaser a free pre-roll as well as the lady went crazy. She accused myself and others of being sexist, racist, as well as a misogynist. She called myself and others every name in the book as well as she swore that I forgot the pre-roll on purpose. I told the lady that I would be glad to bring the free pre-roll next time I had a delivery in the area as well as she wasn’t glad with that either, about an fifth after I left her residence, our boss brought myself and others into the office because the purchaser called to complain, then my boss wanted our side of the story which was absolutely actually simple to tell. After our boss realized that the purchaser was crazy, she apologized for yelling as well as offered myself and others the rest of the evening off with pay. I sure hope the job will eventually get easier. I don’t think I can handle much more drama.

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