Marijuana business is booming

I think it’s fairly safe to say that we are indeed at a tipping point when it comes to marijuana.

The election cycle of 2020 was further indication that recreational and medical marijuana are not just here to stay but are going to boom.

When you consider that more than half the states offer some form of access to a cannabis dispensary, my money is that all of them will and soon. The last election saw the east coast inching closer and closer to full on legalization of recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana users have a reason to celebrate. But so do all the investors in the marijuana business as well as marijuana growers. When the east coast goes legal, then that will encompass vastly more of our population than it ever has before. I’m taking note of this very thing. I’ve changed some of my investment portfolio to take advantage of all the access to cannabis dispensaries. This is the time to invest in the marijuana business. I don’t think even political leanings will get in the way of a cannabis juggernaut that we are witnessing. I’m definitely bullish on the marijuana business. Before long, there won’t be anything but an age restriction to get into the local cannabis spot. And that’s as it should be. The fact that recreational marijuana or marijuana products in any form is still illegal is a travesty. The myths have been debunked and the truth of marijuana benefits is now out there. And it’s impossible to dispute at this point that more Americans favor legalization of cannabis than don’t. So the marijuana business is about to really be booming.