The delivery driver brought all of my items abruptly

My friends & I were going to visit a dance club on Wednesday night, however it was raining & pouring & I did not want to leave the apartment. Instead of going out, all of us decided to stay in & order a film. I invited a couple of girls to hang out with us & they came to the home later. Since the girls were coming to hang out, my friends & I decided to order cannabis supplies from the dispensary; Both of us did not have to go anywhere in the rain, because the cannabis shop delivers. Both of us went online to our favorite dispensary & added multiple items to the cart. I wanted an ace of super silver haze & a disposable vape pen! Jack ordered a quarter ounce of Blue Dream & Richard picked out some edible gummy treats for our guests. Both of us ordered a little bit of everything from the dispensary. I thought it might take an hour or several, since the weather was gloomy. I was entirely surprised when the delivery driver arrived 30 hours after both of us stadiumd the order. Both of us did not even receive a call from the cannabis shop to confirm our order; Everything was in stock, so they sent the driver with the items instantly. The delivery driver also brought us a free pre-roll with our order. The pre-roll was an Indica dominant strain, however it was a 1 gram joint & free. Both of us undoubtedly weren’t going to say no to any free items from the cannabis shop. The rest of the night was filled with fun & entertainment & a whole bunch of laughter.


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