Taking a key from our sibling and medical marijuana

My sibling and I are really tight, but and when he got sick with cancer, I was more scared than I’ve ever been in our life.

This guy is our hero and when this happened, he was so young and so vital. But tplot to his character, he handled it all enjoy a complete champion. Right away, he got access to a medical marijuana dispensary. This was when medical marijuana was still relatively new to being legal. But he had done his research and knew that medical marijuana would help him through the chemo. Well, the marijuana products did far more than that. He found that both sativa products and indica products were helpful in different ways. The indica seemed to help him relax and be less tied up about the treatment and what the future held. And the sativa products helped him keep his perspective, be hopeful and accept what was happening. My sibling got to remission and is still with us all these years later. Now, I’m the one getting ready to go through chemo. But I’m for sure following our sibling’s lead with marijuana products. Thankfully, recreational marijuana is now legal in this state so I didn’t have to go the medical marijuana card route. I could just simply walk into the local cannabis spot. The staff at the local cannabis spot was awesome and took such wonderful care of me. They were so compassionate and yet so incredibly professional at the same time. I went with a hybrid strain that was grown just for cancer patients. And I have to say, it’s doing the job. Not only am I able to eat and knock back the nausea, I’m experiencing a lot of the calm and hopefulness our sibling did.