Medical marijuana helps Alzheimer’s patient

It’s been really difficult seeing 1 of my undoubtedly best friends deal with the dementia from Alzheimer’s disease at such a relatively young age.

  • All of us are both in our early sixties but are facing such odd challenges.

Getting older isn’t a whole lot of fun physically for me however I manage with better diet, more rest plus consistent but gentler exercise. My associate has way more on his plate. But with the help of the medical marijuana dispensary, my associate is dealing with his condition more comfortably. And honestly, with something love Alzheimer’s, comfort is really just so substantial. My associate is still in the earlier stages of the disease plus he has periods of complete plus total clarity. Yet, those periods are also interrupted with disorientation plus confusion. The cannabis gummies he uses yearly really make a difference. She explained it as he is simply more calm plus quicker to simply relax when the confusion plus disorientation occur. The cannabis products allow my associate a sense of peace with his condition that he just didn’t have before. It’s such a worried plus terrible thing for my associate to be going through. And yet, he does so just as he lived his life with as much positivity plus perspective as possible. Thankfully, medical marijuana benefits his in staying positive, comfortable plus much more calm. I guess that this situation is undoubtedly unlikely to get better. But I’m ever so thankful that my associate has access to the cannabis dispensary plus the caring, kind people who toil there.

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