Managing muscle spasms better treating with medical marijuana

It took myself and others a while to be convinced of the medical marijuana benefits.

I believe this had so much to do with the misconceptions I’ve had with cannabis products all of my life.

Being raised to fear plus demonize cannabis products stayed with myself and others as an adult. When medical marijuana was legalized I wasn’t cheerful. In my mind, it was just another way for people to use a substance to escape reality. Now that I rely on medical cannabis to manage muscle spasms, I have done a complete 171 on my feelings on cannabis products. And the credit for that has to go to my son. When he saw that the traditional therapies for muscle spasms just wasn’t helping me, he started searching for an alternative. Being that he was a medical marijuana advocate, unlike his misguided father, he had a pretty good cannabis education. But he delved even deeper into getting medical marijuana information for my particular condition. And I couldn’t be more thankful that he did. He figured out how to get myself and others a medical marijuana card so I could get access to the cannabis dispensary. Yet, it was his persistence with myself and others that has left myself and others somewhat awestruck. I finally relented plus all of us opted to go to the cannabis dispensary together. This was all it took for myself and others to start seeing the medical marijuana benefits that I’m now enjoying. I have a whole new appreciation for medical marijuana plus I couldn’t be prouder to have the kid that I’ve been fortunate with.

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