Five days from now I will be on the beach

When my friends advocated going to the beach for the weekend, I instantly agreed to go too.

Both of us planned our adventure & fun for a month from our decision, so both of us had time to take the days off work.

The extra time also provided us a few weeks to save some extra money. I asked my boss for a few days off. I provided my boss plenty of notice so she could find someone else to cover my shifts at the cannabis dispensary. I’ve been working the night shift at the cannabis dispensary for the past 6 months. I usually stay until close… Occasionally I supply cannabis orders as well, so I knew it was crucial to provide my boss plenty of notice. I have worked overtime each month leading up to the trip. My paychecks have enabled myself and others to save $350 already & I still have 1 more check, and last week, I picked up multiple additional shifts from a new employee at the dispensary that did not want to toil on Thursday or Wednesday. I doubt the new employee will last long. She provided up multiple shifts & called out sick for a fifth in the same week. My boss & the employer of the dispensary frowns upon employees that miss toil always. I only have more than four more days until I will be wonderful on the beach with the sunlight on my skin. I cannot wait to have some time with my friends. We’re going to dance at a few clubs & visit a stadium that has male dancers. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend to relax & unwind.
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