Learning about cannabis at an advanced age

I was never entirely against marijuana in any way.

It’s just that I was not a recreational marijuana user so I wasn’t exactly invested in whether it was legal or not.

I just didn’t entirely care. However, when a dear neighbor of mine got so much comfort from medical marijuana while he battled cancer, it changed our tune. Quickly, I became a medical marijuana advocate and worked to get the laws changed. Medical marijuana did pass in our state and I felt good about that. Soon thereafter, recreational marijuana was legal and that meant I had access to a cannabis dispensary. Weirdly, this was entirely intriguing to me. Even though I fought hard and helped organize change for medical marijuana patients, I still hadn’t tried cannabis. Well, once it was legal for all the people, I decided to see what it was all about. So, I was trying weed for the first time at 62 years old. If our old university roommate could only see myself and others now. I’m fortunate to have such a good local cannabis spot near me. Not only do they have a vast selection of cannabis products but the staff is so helpful and expert in all things marijuana for sale. My first trip to the local cannabis spot, I let them suppose that I was a total rookie who wasn’t certainly fond of smoke. The staff at the cannabis dispensary went right to work to find myself and others edibles that would suit our needs. They showed myself and others just how much to use and provided myself and others some helpful pointers as well. My first weed experience was just terrific. And it won’t be our last trip to the local cannabis spot. I can assure you of that.


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