I wanted to see the show under the influence of recreational cannabis

Every year for the holidays, our family and I go to the theater to see the play A Christmas Carol.

Both of us have been enjoying the same interest every year since our sister and I were 6 years old, however my Dad and dad and both of us get dressed up and both of us go to supper at a good restaurant.

After supper, both of us see the play at the same theater in town. Even though our sister and I are in college, both of us still come cabin for the holidays so both of us can like all of the proper festivities with our family. This year things were a little different, because I wanted to see the show under the influence of recreational Cannabis. I turned 21 years ancient a few weeks before I went cabin for Christmas break. When I turned 21, I had the ability to purchase recreational Cannabis from the dispensary. I’ve been using cannabis since that time. I purchased a couple of strange recreational Cannabis products and I took them cabin with myself and others for holiday break. When our sister and I started supper, both of us took a 25 mg dose of cannabis edibles. I had lemonade flavored gummy candies. They tasted pretty nice and had the consistency of taffy or chewy candy. By the time supper was over, the cannabis edibles were start to affect our senses. I have enjoyed that unique play for a long time, but this year it was easily an amazing and strange experience. My sister had a good experience too, especially since she does not officially use cannabis like me.


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