Five afternoons from now I will be on the beach

I can’t wait to have some time with our friends

When our friends suggested going to the beach for the weekend, I immediately agreed to go too. Both of us planned our adventure and fun for a month from our decision, so both of us had time to take the afternoons off work. The extra time also gave us a few weeks to save some extra money. I asked our boss for a few afternoons off. I gave our boss plenty of notice so she could find someone else to cover our shifts at the cannabis dispensary. I have been laboring the evening shift at the cannabis dispensary for the past 6 months. I usually stay until close, but periodically I deliver cannabis orders as well, so I knew it was important to provide our boss plenty of notice. I have worked overtime each month leading up to the holiday. My paychecks have enabled myself and others to save $350 already and I still have 1 more check; Last week, I picked up more than 2 additional shifts from a new employee at the dispensary that did not want to work on Monday or Friday. I doubt the new employee will last long. She gave up more than 2 shifts and called out sick for a fourth in the same week. My boss and the manager of the dispensary frowns upon employees that miss work consistently. I only have 5 more afternoons until I will be good on the beach with the sunshine on our skin. I can’t wait to have some time with our friends. We’re going to dance at a few clubs and visit a site that has male dancers. It’s going to be a good weekend to relax and unwind.
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