Holiday promotions can be a fun and exciting time in the store

It is getting very close to the winter holidays and I find myself gleeful much more than last year. Every one of us have the strictest lockdowns in this section. It has progressed right to the winter season as well. I still need to wear my own mask in public and I also follow some hygienic recommendations. It is nice to actually be vaccinated because the infection rates have dropped everywhere around the country. I’ve been able to see my friends that have not been around in a long time and I will also decorate more than the previous year. Some favorite stores have holiday promotions but we haven’t actually hit the Friday sales yet. Mini crafting stores are having free Thanksgiving sales. You can purchase the items related to the holidays for almost 50% off. Cannabis dispensaries have also had consistent holiday sales and also in-store promotions as well. Last week I found a quarter ounce of high-quality cannabis flower and it was 50% off because of Halloween. I had a costume on the day that I went to the dispensary and found out that they were offering this specific strain at half price for all people dressed up. They’re having a food drive at the cannabis dispensary right now and anyone that provides a can of food receives 10% off their entire order. The online sales have been much higher as well. This is easily the time during the year when cannabis dispensaries have different sales from one week until the next.

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