Distillates can be rich in terpenes and cannabinoids

I experimented with some alcohol during college and I could not figure out exactly why my body was completely intoxicated from Budweiser and wine rather than a taxing liquor like whiskey or vodka.

The body feels the anxiety we feel better then the intense Mental effects that I often experienced with taxing liquor.

Eventually I had to quit alcohol all together. I accepted it again as a special event that was offered Budweiser and also wine. These effects aren’t actually desirable to me, especially when I take too much. My family has lots of drinkers but I have preferred to use cannabis products instead. Oddly enough, the Cannabis products have different effects but are similar to alcohol. For several of reasons, raw cannabis products can act the same. Cannabis flower buds are actually full spectrum. They can be high and cannabinoids and also natural terpenes. When extracting the oil from flower buds, it is always happening to lose natural plant compounds. There is cannabis oil that actually uses a very rich terpene sauce. It is extracted directly from the marijuana plant. This is actually close to the flower effect and marijuana oil pens are the basic concentration of t h c. I only choose to buy cannabis pens that have lots of terpenes and also flavor. There are two several cheap options that will taste like metal or plastic when I am hitting them. If the distillate oil has Botanical terpenes, then it will not be the same as a product that is rich in cannabis terpenes that are natural.


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