More medical marijauna dispensary licenses are issued as the patient pool grows

Much is left up to the discretion of individual states in this country.

Despite federal laws, there are some jurisdictions left solely to the states of this country.

For instance, it was inividual states legalizing same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court of the United States changed the federal law. On one hand, this makes sense because this is a diverse country, even just from a geographical standpoint. You clearly can’t use the exact same approach to statewide issues when population demographics and sizes don’t match either. Despite any frustrations people might have with state sovereignty, the marijuana community has used it to their advantage over the past 30 years to slowly end cannabis prohibition. Now there are more states where cannabis is legal in at least one form than those where it’s not. Just like with other state laws, the medical miarjuana rules and regulations in my state aren’t exactly the same as other states. For instance, our constitutional amendment for medical cannabis legalization states that new licenses for businesses are handed out as the patient pool steadily grows. Despite this rule, the state is far behind its original goal. We were supposed to have 40 licenses for medical marijuana companies in this state because our patient pool has reached 200,000. Instead of 40, we just approved our 23rd license last month. Hopefully the office of medical marijuana use gets caught up with these licenses, because they’re not short of applicants. There are companies that run successful companies out west that are looking for a piece of my state’s cannabis market share.


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