Using the WeedMaps website to find cannabis delivery services near me

There are some websites and apps that have simply made life easier for countless people.

I take it for granted that my smartphone acts as a calculation, list keeper, scheduling calendar, alarm clock, music and video streaming device, and as a workout assistant.

That’s just scratching the surface of what I do with my smartphone on a day by day basis. The GPS capabilities prevent me from getting lost in strange neighborhoods I have never traversed before. There are apps on my phone that allow me to order pizza and have it ready for curbside pickup in 15 minutes or less. Best of all, the cannabis dispensaries are all starting to embrace this technology as well. There are many with their own apps for ordering cannabis for pick-up or delivery, with the others having the features built directly into their websites. But with so many dispensaries in this state, I feel like I’m stuck never knowing the extent of my options. That’s when I turn to other apps like WeedMaps and Leafly to find all of the cannabis dispensaries near me, especially the ones that offer cannabis delivery services. These sorts of websites are not just resources for strain details, but they’re also good aggregates of various dispensaries nationwide. You can sometimes find the dispensary’s menu on one of these websites, but it won’t always be updated in real time like. Once I figure out what kind of cannabis delivery services are available near me, I visit the cannabis store websites to make orders. Since some of these cannabis delivery services are free, I don’t have to worry about additional costs beyond my initial order total.



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