MS symptoms are sure better since I started medical cannabis

It started out with me thinking that I just was stiff and having a hard time getting around a bit.

  • Then, my balance had some issues so I thought perhaps I should go to the doctor.

That’s when the letter MS was sort of burned into my mind. However, MS is not a death sentence by any means. In fact, with the help of medical marijuana, I’m finding the ability to manage my MS symptoms better. Still, MS is a life changer for sure. There are just realities to this condition and the best way to address them is head on. It’s really important for me to take as good care of my body that I’m able to. That means diet, exercise and getting my rest. Medical marijuana really helps me with my stretching exercises. It’s really interesting because I have such a wider range of motion now that I’m treating cannabis products. Plus, I get really into my breathing when I do my stretching. This has some sort of very significant centering effect on me. But the cannabis flower products that I’m using also help heal the emotional component of MS. Medical cannabis allows me to stay in the moment and not deal with anything but the current reality. The future is for later and life is to be lived now with the hopes that my treatment will lessen the effects of MS. I’m not as fearful thanks to cannabis flower products. There is a feeling of hope and discovery that has supplanted that fear I had all the time when I was initially diagnosed. I’m very glad to have access to the legal weed store for this vital treatment.



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