Medical marijuana helped me deal with cancer on many levels

If I had to get cancer, I’m just glad it happened to me while I was living in a state where medical cannabis is legal.

Had that not been the case, this situation would be a whole lot tougher and I’m not just talking about physically.

Honestly, I hadn’t really given much thought to medical cannabis and the fight to get it legalized in this state. I remember hearing about it but was too busy with work, kids and all that to really bother. Medical marijuana was something that I was neither for nor against. Now that I’m getting all the benefits of having the cannabis product that are helping me manage my cancer, I’m so thankful it passed. When I heard the word cancer come out of the doctor’s mouth, I was incredulous. That didn’t last long though as treatment and the reality of a cancer diagnosis came on quickly. Luckily I was able to expedite the process for how to get a medical marijuana card and got to the cannabis dispensary. The cannabis flower product I was able to purchase is one that is specifically geared toward helping with effects of chemo. And it really helped with the nausea. Not only that but I was able to have a bit of an appetite as well. However, medical marijuana is also really helping me relax and just focus on getting to remission. I’m not nearly as worried or as scared now that I’m treating medical marijuana. Again, I hate that I’m going through cancer treatment but ever so thankful to have access to the legal weed store.
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