Medical marijuana flower is subjected to lab testing compared to black market flower

Buying cannabis in college was a hit and miss situation.

I was eager to get marijuana regardless of the contiditon or if the strain was a sativa or indica.

There were only a few actual pot dealers on campus so our options were always limited. We were lucky to know if a batch of weed was an indica or a sativa, let alone knowing the actual strain of what we were smoking or vaping. I hated getting cannabis that smelled like chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers that aren’t properly “flushed” from the plants before harvest. Honestly, we had no way of knowing exactly what we were buying regardless of which dealer we chose. Nowadays all of the medical marijuana flower products in my state are subjected to rigorous lab testing compared to black market flower products. The cannabis sold at these medical weed stores can’t be contaminated or the dispensaries will be penalized for selling tainted products. Recently a cannabis store sold batches of flower buds before the lab results were finished. The entire batch tested positive for mold and the state Department of Health forced them to issue a recall and posted a public notice for their customers. Thankfully I never shop at this marijuana store because of their terrible flower products and poor delivery service. What good is trust in lab testing if a dispensary doesn’t even wait for the results before selling countless units to their customers? I feel bad for the people who received tainted batches and didn’t see the recall notice after the fact. They should be forced to call every single person who purchased that tainted weed.



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