Fixing my back pain

I’m not one to fuss over things and that goes for my well being.

Well, at least that was the way it once was.

I was always charging toward the next step and reward. There just was little time for pesky things like discomfort or flu symptoms. Initially, I thought my back was just sore and that the pain would go away. It only got worse and quickly my body stopped everything else in my life. With treatment using medical weed, I’m now studying how to deal with this back issue. The doctors were unsure and told myself and others the cause wasn’t clear. When they commanded exploratory surgery, I said pump the brakes and started researching alternatives. That’s how I found the cannabis dispensary events where I was able to glean so much cannabis education. At these cannabis events, I got some great weed information that was based in fact not fear. This motivated me to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card and get to the legal weed store. The staff helped me to narrow down the different cannabis flower products to find the one that I got the most benefit. Since starting the cannabis products, I’ve seen a great deal of change. And I’m studying that slowing down a bit is in my best interest. This time away from the office has allowed me to focus on my health. And I’m doing it in a real fashion. Medical marijuana is helping both my back condition and helping me address the root causes of that condition.

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