Dispensaries need a lot of different permits

When I was down in the Bahamas on vacation, I got sucked into a timeshare presentation.

Granted I was young and dumb, but these people were pretty manipulative, and Iended up losing half of a vacation day in a conference room! Ever since then I have been very wary whenever I am offered a free consultation or special offer.

Nothing in life comes free, am I right? Recently this was proven wrong, because I had a free consultation that didn’t ask me for money, but showed me how to make money. I had never thought about using business consulting for my burgeoning dispensary, and this meeting opened my eyes to a lot of new possibilities. Medical marijuana consulting services have the experience in the industry to strip away a lot of the double talk and legal mumbo jumbo and tell you what you need to do. For example, I wish I would have known about the marijuana business permit service they offer, because trying to get permission for my dispensary was a nightmare! There are loads of forms to fill out, sign, and have notarized, and a marijuana business permit service handles all of that for you. PErmits are not a one time thing for dispensaries, either, so now I have the marijuana business permit service on retainer to handle all my annual updates, inspections, and of course any new opermits that might be required. When COVID shut us down and we started making home deliveries, it was the marijuana business permit service that helped me get everything I needed to make it happen.


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