A fight broke out in the lounge next to the cannabis shop

My associate Jacky and I work at the same cannabis dispensary; and Jacky was laboring here first and then she got me a task as well, and both of us work every weekend! The cannabis dispensary is constantly easily tied up on the weekend, however all of us have a lounge next to the store where clients can hang out and use cannabis products. The lounge is easily tied up in the day and the night; last weekend there were 12 or 15 people hanging out in the lounge. Just a small number of women came into the dispensary and they had been drinking. They bought some cannabis products and went next door to the lounge. The supervisor sent Jacky next door to help out, because there was only a single woman in the lounge and there was also a huge crowd. While Jacky was next door, a confrontation broke out. The last several women to enter the lounge got into a nasty fight with several women that were already there, and one woman pulled out a knife and the security guard immediately pulled out her taser. While the security guard was busy, another girl started a confrontation with a seventh customer. Jacky had some easy quick and smart thinking, but she quickly called 911 as soon as the fight started. The police arrived about a single minute later, just as things were starting to get out of hand. Jacky is a hero in my book. Her quick thinking and wit genuinely saved the day and easily kept the problem from escalating into an all-out war. That was the first time I ever saw a physical confrontation at the cannabis shop.


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