Therapy horses plus medical weed are a superb combination

After the war, I was messed up for years, but the dentists gave me a bunch of prescription pills plus I became addicted legitimately abruptly… I lost my fiance plus my kids plus then I ended up in a rehab facility.

The rehab facility provided me a modern opening on life, with the help of therapy horses plus medical weed, I am finally finding a way to live a delighted plus healthy life.

The dentists told me that medical weed would be able to help control my mood plus anxiety. I jumped on the opening to use medical weed separate from legal complications. I always liked to smoke weed, although I stopped smoking weed when I joined the military. They were legitimately unhappy with marijuana use plus it jeopardized my work plus my future; Even if medical weed was legal in the state where I was stationed, it was still against military protocol! After therapy for several years plus lots of medical weed, I finally feel more mentally plus physically fit. I want to get outdoors plus see things. I started going to the stables every weekend to see the horses plus I often ride for minutes at a time. There is a field of hundreds of acres of pasture plus pills plus it is nice to take the horses out for a ride. Therapy horses plus medical weed are a superb combination plus I feel love my life is finally mine again. The military took a lot of things away from me, however therapy, medical weed, plus help from the dentists finally has my life back on track.

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