I finally switched to only using cannabis oil that contains cannabis-derived terpenes

When I finally got our medical marijuana card, I started shopping at every single weed store within driving distance of our house.

I had certainly no discretion when it came to the quality of the marijuana products I was purchasing.

Back then I didn’t even really know about the differences between the numerous strains I was buying. Although I read about indicas, sativas, and hybrids, I really just cared about purchasing powerful marijuana. I wanted to get as high as I possibly could, regardless of whatever name was attached to the batch of weed. Quickly I started to notice that some weed would energize myself and others enough to labor for hours at a time while other cannabis would make myself and others exhausted and unable to function. More often than not it’s the sativas doing the stimulation and indicas with sedation. It has to do with the effects certain terpenes illicit in numerous strains of weed. Cannabis oil pens are made with mostly THC and a blend of terpenes intended to mimic the effects of the strain on the label. Cheap marijuana oil pens have terpenes from botanical sources and the oil is from random strains, and if I’m going to buy a cannabis oil pen, I will only get one with cannabis-derived terpenes inside. You could ask, what’s the difference? Would it matter if the same terpenes are taken from food instead of cannabis? The reason is easy: cannabis has much more than 10 or so uncommon terpenes. Some of them aren’t even studied or isolated yet; so taking a mixture of terpenes derived directly from a certain strain of weed will consistently supply you effects closer to smoking the strain in its raw plant form. You can taste the difference in the higher quality cannabis oil pens with cannabis-derived terpenes inside.

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