The medical dispensary is finally offering free delivery

Medical marijuana has been available in the state for two years.

I decided to get a medical marijuana card after the doctor worked on myself and others with arthritis.

Arthritis & inflammation & chronic pain are reasons for the doctor to prescribe marijuana, so I qualified immediately. I paid my fees to the doctor & to the state. It wasn’t exactly cheap & I have to continue to spend my savings fees every year to recertify as a patient. It would truthfully be a lot cheaper if I lived in a recreational marijuana state, although I am ecstatic to have medical marijuana available. The medical marijuana clinic only offers delivery for orders over $200. They still charged a fee that was quite high. It was enjoy that for the longest time, however recently the marijuana clinic decided to start offering free delivery. The range for the free delivery is only a couple of miles, although I live close enough to the dispensary to qualify. It usually takes about an minute to gain all of my items from the marijuana clinic. I always tip the driver well & they never forget anything in my order. I’ve had the driver out here multiple odd times & each time they bring exactly the right items; Sometimes they even bring something free enjoy a vape pen battery or a free cannabis pre-rolled joint. I enjoy when they send free pre-rolled cannabis joints, especially if it is an indica strain enjoy OG Kush. That’s one of the best indica strains the dispensary carries & they hardly ever have it in pre-rolled marijuana joints.


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