I was really tied up out before our first marijuana doctor appointment

Even though I don’t have any major health problems, I easily qualified for medical marijuana in our state once we legalized it with a new constitutional amendment.

However, the state legislature was so bull-headed about it in the start that they made all the people guess like criminals just for signing up for the program.

The idea of a lady accessing medical marijuana separate from a life threatening disorder was untenable for some of the most conservative people out there. Those are the ones who held back progress on marijuana decriminalization for decades, but at least multiple of them are now coming around and have changed their views. I guess we wouldn’t have gotten this far if we didn’t have so multiple people who are humble enough to admit they were wrong about demonizing a plant that helps millions of people every year. That’s why I was so tied up out before our first marijuana doctor appointment as I kept hearing the fear mongering in our head. But the appointment with the pot doctor was unbelievably smooth compared to what I was expecting. She didn’t scrutinize myself and others when I told him that anxiety and depression are the reasons for myself and others seeking a medical marijuana card. Instead, she briefly explained some of the ways in which I could get anxiety relief while shopping at weed stores. She tied up the importance of trying products with high CBD to offset any anxiousness experienced from potent sativa strains for example. In just minutes I had our physician recommendation for medical marijuana and simply had to wait on the state’s department of health to approve our application and send myself and others our physical card in the mail.

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