Getting our cannabis cafe day on

It’s circled on our calendar.

Twice a week, I get to go spend all afternoon or all afternoon of a day off at the cannabis cafe. It’s a single of those activities that makes life worth residing. While I’ve been a lifelong recreational marijuana user, going to the cannabis cafe has taken enjoying marijuana to a whole other level. I’ve never travelled to the spots in Europe where a single can just walk up to a marijuana cafe and like whatever cannabis product is the specialty. However, I’ve known people who have frequented those spots and just hearing those stories elicited such a charming feeling in our soul. I can’t actually explain it other than to say that the cannabis cafe combines many of our passions. I care about marijuana and I care about cafe life. So that’s why I have cannabis cafe afternoons circled on our calendar. The local cannabis spot was open about many years before they added on the cannabis cafe. And it was sort of on a whim. The owner of the local cannabis spot started selling some marijuana edibles that were made onsite. And it was a substantial success. Naturally, they expanded around the corner on a shady side street and now there is the cannabis cafe that I’ve been wanting much of our adult life. It’s just such a perfect little spot right in the middle of a tied up part of town. Yet, there is a quiet and soulful vibe to the spot they put the cannabis cafe in. Getting to like many cups of delicious coffee, pop or other concoctions while sharing something love a scrumptious pot brownie is amazing.


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