The guy was getting louder and louder over the sale prices

I was shopping in the cannabis dispensary a couple of afternoons ago, and there was a important commotion.

I was kneeling in the corner by the shelf with edibles.

I was trying to decide between some purple plum flavored licorice ropes and a bag of orange flavored gummy coins. Both had 20 mg of THC and both looked equally delicious. I wasn’t trying to listen to a peculiar conversation, although I could not help but overhear. A guy over by the concentrate counter was getting louder and louder, and from what I could understand, he came to the dispensary hoping to get 30% off all of the items. The guy claimed it was his first time in the dispensary, but the front desk ran his ID and it showed him as a usual patient. The manager of the dispensary was trying to make the guy calm and relaxed, however she offered to give him 10% off everything for the confusion. The guy was still agitated and getting louder by the minute. I was starting to recognize love I was in the wrong site at the wrong time. I decided it was better to leave the dispensary at once. I did not love the way that the situation was escalating and I did not want to be in the middle of a problem if the guy went berserk. I left the site at once and I sat in my automobile and waited for the guy to come outside and leave. Then I went back indoors to buy my items… Everybody looked shaken up, but the guy was gone.