Somebody broke into my automobile while I was in the dispensary

My partner and I stopped at the weed shop when all of us were on our way beach loft from the airport.

  • We decided to stop at a weed shop with incredibly low prices.

We’re never in the city, and all of us had this one option to stop at the shop and stock up on supplies, and the weed shop was in a seedy city, but there was a security guard kneeling outside the building, my partner and I parked our automobile on the street, about a block away from the building. We obtained a couple of peculiar items from the dispensary. My partner and I were ecstatic to save 30%, because it was our first time purchasing anything that year. While my partner and I were inside the dispensary, someone broke into our car! I came outside to the automobile and the back window was broken, however nothing in the automobile was stolen, because all of us did not have anything in the automobile to steal. My partner had her billfold and my billfold was in my pocket, however both of us had our cellphones as well. I have no plan how someone broke into the automobile with the security guard kneeling outside and no one was alerted to the crime, but everyone claimed to see nothing. The police interviewed a lot of people in the area and no one had any information. The deductible for my automobile is $500, but it will only cost around $250 for the current window! All all of us wanted was some cheap weed and all of us ended up with a bill for a brand current window.

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