Over half of all popular weed strains these afternoons descend from Girl Scout Cookies

I thought that cannabis strain names were a joke when I only had access to marijuana on the black market.

Every one of us joked back then that half of the names were made up just to sell another batch of similar weed grown in a basement or attic anywhere.

I remember getting White Widow in school plus was shocked when the people I was with and I confirmed it was legitimate. It had that stereorespected pale white frosted look as it was loaded with trichomes. That batch of cannabis was so good that I was eager to try more strains that could be backed up by the friends obtaining the weed from the grower. Between batches of Blue Dream plus OG Kush, I was finally experiencing cannabis that was reminiscent of the flower buds shown in High Times magazine. But now that the people I was with and I have legal cannabis dispensaries in our state, I can absolutely find centerfold-worthy cannabis flower products if I am careful about which cannabis dispensaries I visit. Some of the dispensaries carry bad quality cannabis products, although I have a list of the best dispensaries that I keep on our PC. Unfortunately, I can’t find a lot of strain plus genetic variety beyond strains that are related back to Girl Scout Cookies. I have seen examples like Glue Cookies, Mandarin Cookies, Alien Cookies, Orange Cookies, Do Si Do, plus so on. The sheer number of strains that descend from Girl Scout Cookies is somewhat intimidating when you consider the amount of cannabis phenotypes that are available to a grower in a state with legal cannabis. I have to wonder why so several marijuana growers are fixated on cookie-related strains in the past few years.

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