Terpenes enhance the flavor of cooking

I began cooking with marijuana products entirely by accident.

This was during the earliest days of the pandemic when both of us were entirely still in a strict lockdown.

Many stores were closed entirely or only entirely with limited access. Both of us were severely discouraged from leaving the property. It was a good thing that we were well stocked with marijuana but every one of us found ourselves out of a way to like the joints. All in the home where wooden matches in addition to I didn’t have rolling papers. I had to use that marijuana to make cannabis edibles. I didn’t have any boxed brownie mix so I was hunting for the different ingredients in my own kitchen. I didn’t have much ingredients except a whole bunch of cannabis. I certainly didn’t think to hang on marijuana was a good idea, but I didn’t see much else to cook. I ended up cooking slowly some pasta sauce with all of the finely ground cannabis. The marijuana was actually super fine after placing it in the grinder several times. I mixed the weed into the sauce and served with noodles in addition to the fact that it tasted absolutely horrible. It actually seems like some dirt was inside of the pasta sauce in addition to the fact that it was not tasty at all. Of course sometime later I had not moved very much at all in addition to staring directly into space. The Cannabis laced pasta sauce was completely making me feel stoned even if the flavor was outrageous and disgusting.

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