Sativa strains make me feel creative and filled with ideas

As a writer, I tend to see some things differently than lots of other people.

I listen more often then talk because I have gained the interest of seeing in addition to listening to people.

I have many wonderful ideas for lots of different stories. I certainly don’t steal any ideas but I often want to listen to the experiences because I don’t have a lot of them on my own. There are lots of things to process while you are listening in addition to writing. One thing I have found is that marijuana consumption is one of the Central sections of the creative process. When I use marijuana products, it actually relaxes my brain in addition to makes it easier for me to absorb new Concepts in addition to ideas. There are many limits because it seems I have gained that cannabis strains are definitely something you have to consider. Sativa strains seem to be more likely to help for mental acuity. I suppose that bong rips of the strain Blue Dream makes me feel creative, but there are other sativa strains that do not. A lot of folks assume that the content of THC is important, but I personally believe that the sativa strains at 17% can be just as nice for creativity as the ones that are 25%. The cannabis buds seem to hit just during the time when I need to write. I like to Pace myself and not use too much where I am wrecked, so I can ride the train and be filled with lots of ideas all day.