Marijuana affects our creative responses

People always want to know how I have these absurd ideas in addition to they seem to be surprised that it is from my regular day-to-day life.

There was a story one time that I wrote about a phantom that was driving a dragster and a ghost was running around the people which sounds pretty wild. I actually got this message well kneeling in traffic for work. I imagined how incredibly satisfying it might be to smash all of the people completely off the road. I would easily be lying if I did not believe this was something that comes from the use of cannabis. Cannibalism has helped me have a brand new perspective and it is now in the central section of my daily process. After having a new perspective on cannabis, it is possible to see lots of things in a different lens. Smoking cannabis products actually opened my mind in addition to has allowed me to suppose many different things in many different ways. For an Adept sectional writer like myself, putting some Twist on the reality is actually my bread in addition to butter. I have a steady cannabis diet and sativa strains that keep my brain Alert in addition to limber. A lot of potheads are actually Slackers, but this is just an indication that you have the wrong type of marijuana. There are lots of things to help people focus, and I have found that cannabis is just the thing that I can use. I would not be able to focus or be creative with having cannabis in my life.

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