What a way to meet up with an old school mate.

My wife and I enjoyed taking road trips.

  • Last week, we were talking about getting some legal recreational marijuana and headed out on a road trip.

We had to cross the state line which was a couple hours away, so we made a night of it. As soon as we got to a town with a marijuana dispensary close to the hotel, we stopped. We got checked into our hotel and looked out the windows. Almost directly across the road from our room, was a marijuana dispensary. We called the number and put in an order, then asked for it to be delivered. We ordered some gummies and a couple of different edibles. Ten minutes later, there was a knock on our room door. As soon as I opened the door, I felt like I was dreaming. On the other side of the door stood a man I had gone to school with. I hadn’t seen him in over ten years, but here he was delivering my marijuana products. It wasn’t until I paid him that he asked my name. We stood there and talked for about fifteen minutes before he said he had to leave. Apparently he had more deliveries to make for the marijuana dispensary. Before he left, I gave him my number and told him that if he ever came back home, I would love it if he would give us a call. I don’t know if he’ll ever call, but it was good to see him when he delivered our marijuana. I just hope he doesn’t blab that I was in town just to buy marijuana.

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