There is a definite difference between sativa and indica.

Up until the country began legalizing marijuana, I had always bought my marijuana supplies from a street dealer.

I was using marijuana on a daily basis because of some medical conditions I had.

Even though several of the surrounding states had already legalized medical marijuana, ours had not. The problem with buying marijuana from a street dealer, was that I never knew exactly what I was getting. He could have told me I was using Northern Lights, when in reality I was using a Dream. Northern lights is a Sativa which means it is good for when you want energy, focus, and are looking for creativity. Dream is an Indica strain. It helps with pain, but it also makes you drowsy and ready to relax. I knew that I often received a Sativa blend from the street dealer when I wanted the Indica blend, but it wasn’t his fault. When we finally had legalized marijuana in our state, I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait for the marijuana dispensary to open up. When you get your marijuana from a marijuana dispensary, you know exactly what you are getting. Every box is inspected for potency and purity. You know the amount of THC, total cannabinoids, and the date when it was harvested. You can be assured of getting the right marijuana at a marijana dispensary, and if it works well for you, you can go back and request the same thing on a different day. I would never go back to a marijuana street dealer now that I have discovered the medical marijuana dispensary.

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