The worst weather was on the way.

I had only moved to this area about six months ago, and I wasn’t prepared for the weather.

I had a job working for a marijuana dispensary, as a delivery driver. It was only the middle of October and I wasn’t prepared for the weather. I walked out in the morning, and there were just a few snow flurries, which I thought were pretty. By the time I got to the marijuana dispensary to get my deliveries for the day, it was snowing. I was glad I only had three deliveries that day, because I could possibly get home early. I had never driven in the snow, and I wasn’t sure how my car was going to handle. I was surprised how slippery it was when I pulled up to the first house. It was all I could do to get up her driveway. She was so thrilled to get her marijuana delivery that she gave me a huge tip. The next delivery was even worse than the first. I not only barely got up her driveway, but I was unable to get out of it. I called my boss and told her I needed a tow truck. She was so angry that she told me if I didn’t finish my deliveries, she was going to let me go. Fifteen minutes later a coworker showed up in his all-wheel drive truck. He took the remainder of my deliveries and delivered them for me. I wasn’t sure I still had a job at the marijuana dispensary, but they did send a tow truck out for me.

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