The weather will only get worse.

I had only been on the new job for about a month when the weather took a change for the worse.

I thought being a delivery driver for a marijuana dispensary was going to be a cushy job, but I wasn’t planning on the weather.

It was the beginning of October and I was already slipping and sliding on the icy roads, and I hadn’t even gotten to work yet. I knew I had deliveries to do, but I tried to tell the boss that I couldn’t make the deliveries with my car. Instead of offering me his truck, he told me there were three important marijuana deliveries that had to go out, and I did them or lost my job. I couldn’t afford to lose my job, so I went out on the first delivery. I was halfway up their driveway when I could feel my car losing traction. I was finally able to gain a purchase and make the marijuana delivery. The receiver of the marijuana was so grateful to get her delivery that she gave me a $20 tip. The second marijuana delivery was not going as well. I was halfway up their driveway when I got my car stuck in an icy hole. I ended up calling a tow truck to help pull me out, and I called my boss. I told him I was stuck and he wasn’t very happy. He sent another coworker out to do the third and final marijuana delivery for the day. He had a 4wheel drive vehicle and easily made it to the last delivery, which also happened to be in town.


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