The smell of weed was unmistakable.

There was no way I could tell anyone I was the one smoking the marijuana

My friends and I wanted to go to the movies last week. They were playing an old movie that we had all said we wanted to see. Since my car was broken, my mom offered to drive us. She told us we had to pay her way into the movie, to which we agreed. We weren’t even twenty minutes into the movie, when my mom started. She smelled marijuana. Recreational marijuana is legal in our state and I didn’t understand why she was so upset. My friends and I were getting upset and embarrassed. The embarrassment was compounded when she came back and grabbed my sister. She took her out of the theatre, and didn’t come back for almost ten minutes. My sister was mortified. She said mom had sniffed her clothing and her breath, trying to ascertain if she had been smoking the marijuana. She was heading back for me and yelling that if it was any of our group smoking marijuana, she was going to have us all arrested. Before she could get back to me, the usher told her she had to sit down and be quiet, or he was going to escort her out of the theatre. I couldn’t believe the way she had carried on. She actually left the theatre and left us behind. We had to call my friend’s mom to come pick us up. There was no way I could tell anyone I was the one smoking the marijuana. She may have had us all arrested and then where would we be. I couldn’t believe how upset mom had become.

Pot brownies