The smell of weed was overwhelming.

Last week, my sister and I needed a ride to the movies.

Mom offered to take us since she also wanted to see the movie. The theatre was nearly full when we got inside, and the only two available seats were by our friends. Dad had to take a seat at the back of the theatre. We lived in an area that had legal recreational marijuana, and it wasn’t uncommon to smell marijuana in the theatre. As long as the marijuana users are discreet, nobody says anything, but not our dad. Our dad freaked out when he smelled the marijuana and he came back and grabbed my sister, forcing her to go with him into the lobby. He sniffed her clothing and her breath before leading her back to her seat. He started to do the same to me when an usher told him he was disturbing the people watching the movie and he had to take his seat or leave. Dad came right out and said that when he found the person who was smoking, they were in big trouble. He looked right at my sister and I when he talked about the marijuana. My sister and I were beginning to think that dad was finally becoming cool, but he blew it when he accused us of smoking marijuana in public. I may not be of age to purchase marijuana, but I’m sure dad would have grounded me for life if he were to find out I was the one with the marijuana cigarette. I really lucked out when the usher told him he had to sit down or leave.


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