The refrigerator problems had us selling everything quickly

One of the worst problems that can occur in a business is the loss of power.

When there are significant storms, sometimes the power is out for hours at a time. This is the entire reason why the owner of this particular cannabis dispensary decided to invest in a generator large enough to supply power to the entire cannabis dispensary. I knew it was going to be an expensive project. My husband is an electrician and he has been installing this type of equipment for 20 years. The owner of the cannabis shop went ahead and purchased a generator. We had several winter storms last year and when the power was out, we were one of the only people in town that still had heat and lights. This was very good for sales, especially when we were the only open cannabis dispensary in town. Unfortunately, we have experienced a few problems with the generator this year. It’s hard to believe that the one-year-old machine is already experiencing trouble, but there was a storm last Saturday and the generator failed to take over when the power was out. The snow from the blizzard was so heavy and wet that it caused problems on the power lines. One of the power lines in town had problems and the power to the dispensary was cut. When the generator failed to work properly, we were stuck only with power to certain parts of the building. The refrigerator where all of the cannabis concentrate is kept was not one of the areas that had power. We didn’t want all of the cannabis concentrate to go bad due to the electric problems, so we immediately had a flash sale and everything was 20% off.


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