The marijuana dispensary is a professional setting

When someone mentions the word marijuana dispensary, I highly doubt the image in your head is that of a classy, professional looking place.

No, most people will probably be thinking of some dark alleyway, where people secretly exchange cannabis products and cash. Although marijuana is legal in my state, that image continues to persist in a lot of people’s heads, and since there is still a lot of misinformation about cannabis and cannabis products, it is really hard to provide cannabis education. I will admit, I was just like everyone else for a long time, I thought that all of the places were the same, and that anyone who visited a cbd store had something wrong with them. It wasn’t until some of my family members started using it that I realized how wrong I was. When my dad first started using medical marijuana products, I was still skeptical, but what changed my mind was actually visiting the medical marijuana store. I was expecting the same image in my head that everyone else had, but to my surprise, what awaited me was a very professional and clean looking shop. They even had their own cannabis product menu, which looked similar to a diner menu. Even the cannabis budtenders were really friendly and informative, not at all like the sketchy people I was imagining. I started being more mindful of my thoughts as I realized I guess I had judged too soon, and it made me wonder what else had I perhaps judged too soon.


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