Samples last a year, but not really

All of the Cannabis products in the dispensary have a shelf life of one year.

That is actually one year from the harvest date and not one year from the manufacturer’s date.

The marijuana flower as well as the concentrate, Edibles, and tinctures all have one year as well. That might sound like a long time to some people, but the samples and the dispensary rarely make it past one month before they are sold and out the door. The best time to use a cannabis product is after it has had some time to sit and cure. Some of my best marijuana plants have sat after harvest for weeks. When I open the jar, the smell is overwhelming. When I first started working at the cannabis dispensary, the manager told me that one of the best perks about the job is being able to take home anything that is past the expiration date. I thought I would have a steady flow of cannabis products, but it turns out that there is rarely anything that makes it to the point of expiration. There are still some really nice parks that come with working in this industry. I receive medical, dental, and health benefits, and I also get a 30% discount on all of the items in the store. That savings can add up, especially when I stack it with other specials that are occurring throughout the week. The perks might not be free weed all of the time, but I still prefer working in the industry at a marijuana dispensary.

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