Partying was more important than a family camping trip.

My friends and I wanted to have a party weekend, but we weren’t sure where to have it.

When my mom and dad told me they were going to take us all camping, I finally had the party place. Mom was a bit upset when I told her I wanted to stay home. She checked my temperature and wanted to know where I hurt. She even wanted to call the doctor, but I told her I was just tired. She told dad they should stay home, but he looked at me and then smiled. He told her I was old enough to stay home if I wanted to. As soon as they were packed and on the way, I called my friends. I told them that the party started that night. We had a couple of fat pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. Edibles that included cookies and gummies, and some smokable marijuana flower. We were all high and having a great time that night. When we woke up in the morning, we planned on starting all over again. That was until mom and dad came into the house around lunch time. Mom was so worried about me that she didn’t want to stay away and told dad she couldn’t have fun. He was forced to turn around and come back home. Dad told me I better clean up the marijuana edibles before my sister got hold of them. He then took mom and my sister into town for groceries. I had about an hour to get everything cleaned up. I was happy my friends were still around to help clean up the marijuana edibles.

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