My date was a total dud

My friend set me up with a guy that she met in one of her classes. I wasn’t particularly thrilled about going on a blind date, but my friend insisted we would have a great time. I met my date whose name was Carl, at a gastropub and brewery. We both ordered some drinks and the conversation was okay at best. Neither one of us were very talkative and that made the conversation particularly awkward. We didn’t have a lot of things in common either. The only thing we shared was a love for recreational Cannabis. I think that’s why my coworker thought we would get along well. I like to use recreational marijuana. I’ve used recreational marijuana since I was much younger. I think it works well for relieving pain, depression, and anxiety. As soon as I mentioned cannabis, my date sparked up and we had an interesting conversation about the legalization of cannabis across the country. When we got to the movie theater, I was feeling a little surprised and optimistic about the date in general. All of that quickly dissipated when my date pulled out a joint and tried to light it up in the back row of the theater. He claimed it was cool because we were at an R-rated movie. I was honestly totally horrified and I was afraid that we were going to get into trouble. I immediately got up from my seat and walked out of the theater. My date didn’t even follow me, so I took a cab back home and relayed all of the information about my great date to my friend.

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